WAHMR is a professional organization of and for Hazardous Materials response personnel throughout Wisconsin working for...

  • A coordinated voice for all HazMat responders in Wisconsin. 
  • Promoting standards for equipment, technology, training and safety. 
  • Interacting with all related state and national organizations with similar interests.  
  • Protection of citizens, property and the environment in Wisconsin through the highest quality emergency response capability attainable.



Any person who functions as a Hazardous Materials responder, or in a support function as a responder. Members include; public or industrial HazMat Team members, firefighters, Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Service or law enforcement personnel.



Our corporate sponsors share in the interest of promoting safety or enhancing response to Hazardous Materials incidents and are concerned with furthering the goals and objectives of our organization. WAHMR is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.

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